About AM & RSR


AngelaMichelle is a middle aged, clinically depressed (although not medicated) Sagittarian/Arien/Piscean mother, grandmother, writer, and Administrative Professional who decided to take a sabbatical from “real life” and travel the country with her young son and significant other via a “big truck”.

The tales shared within this electronic memoir stem from the impulse to follow a long denied affliction with wanderlust and experience the adventures that reside beyond her native Midwest base.

Some entries will be coffee fueled and upbeat, others cynically sarcastic, and others will be a bit dark-ish, wine soaked, and melancholy. But all will be candid peeks into an often examined existence and the steps AM takes to make the most of it.

And having said so much within so little… Enjoy the ride along.

WARNING: Typos happen. FREQUENTLY. Deal with/get used to it.


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