Year in Preview

Most people use their last Blog entry of the year as a reflective montage to highlight the highs and/or lows of their life. Since I do enough looking back during the year itself, I thought it would be nice to look ahead and frame the year to come according to my intentions.

First on the agenda, a home. Whether it be an apartment, flat/duplex, or house, I intend to create a home in 2014, complete with familial traditions and “rituals” and undeniable comforts that make it mine. It will be a place where my son can finally lay down a social foundation that will not be uprooted, and I can nest, recharge, and retreat when the world “forces” me to take it on the chin. Preparation has already begun on a spiritual level although we’re still working to narrow down a geographical location. But it’s coming and I am more than ready for it.

Next, a return to writing! A serious return to writing that will see me scripting for both profit and pleasure and not giving up the journey I set out on almost twelve years ago. While fame and fortune have never been my goal I have always desired a sense of notoriety, even on a small scale, for what I know I was created to do. I’d started off grand in that endeavour then somehow allowed myself to be distracted by life as I’d created it. This Blog has helped me gain a bit of my literary leg back. Just need to press on from here.

Next will be a return to some semblance of financial stability working in a job I desire to have, learning to balance and budget, and working to dial down my debts. This has been one of the biggest pitfalls has been in the past and unless I put the legwork into solid management on these issues, it will be the biggest roadblock to my and my child’s future. If I can’t find markets for the work I want, then maybe it’s time to creating those markets myself. I have the experience and talent so… Why not?

Next, 2014 will see a return to uplifting and edifying spiritual practices that I’ve let fall to the wayside when I chose to settle for an existence instead of creating one.

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