What’s the Purpose

I had a definite theme in mind when I stated this Blog which was to chronicle my life as a passenger/resident aboard a semi truck. The entries were meant to share stories from the road, anecdotes picked up along the way, and display just how practical a transient life can be. What it’s blossomed into isn’t quite what I originally envisioned. It’s something far better.

Every entry thus far has been an external processing of real life situations that either placate or exacerbate my depression, giving me an opportunity to see the process I’m making in handling it. Each entry is a direct reflection of an encounter I’ve had, stripped of any dramatic elements which might make them a bit more entertaining like other Blogs I’ve authored. It’s just me, thinking out loud, and coming to terms with it all.

So the purpose of this Blog isn’t for readers or comments or accolades, although I thank and am humbled by everyone who has commented and/or followed. It’s not a professional endeavour in any capacity, which is evident by how loosely edited many of the entries are before they’re published. The aim may change as I regain my writing confidence, but for right now I’m good with simply thinking out loud and seeing what Life makes of it all.

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1 Response to What’s the Purpose

  1. I love your attitude. I think it’s important to be honest about our feelings, and if you have the talent and confidence to put it out there for the world to see, it can really teach you many things about yourself.
    I initially started my blog for my student adventures, until the point where I realised I wasn’t quite living the most adventurous of student lives. It slowly became my creative corner where I just write and reflect. And with every post I learn more about myself šŸ™‚
    Keep up the good writing, MG

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